Wading In

September 19, 2009

I’ve been wondering for a while now where the line was between disagreeing with the President’s policies and just being a racist. Regarding all the rancor, the “They did it first!” defense is a poor one. Really, it just seems juvenile. It was wrong and inaccurate for liberals to call the last President a Nazi, or to compare him to Hitler. It is also wrong an inaccurate to do the same now. Those who equate proposed policy to socialism and fascism display a dismaying grasp of historical terms, as well. To be sure, there’s plenty of room for disagreement with a clear conscience on policy, and it is important that these disagreements get played out in full view of everyone.

This, however, is just not ok. Can we all please agree on that?

Rush Saying Something Silly

Full disclosure, the link is to a blog that is talking about an incident picked up by Mr. Limbaugh and several other commentators. I haven’t linked to their sites because I don’t want to increase their traffic and drive up their advertising revenue. If you want to go digging, go ahead. The commentary in some of the responses is bone chilling, and while the story doesn’t have to do with presidential or congressional policy per se, the attitude is in no way helpful. Those propagating talk like this can hide under a banner of telling “honest, PC-free truth,” but the only honest thing about it is that it is unrepentantly ugly and repulsive.

Furthermore, talk like this makes people calling the President a liar when he isn’t lying, or people talking about “Death Panels” when they don’t exist look sane by comparison.

The story that triggered all of this was of some black students assaulting a white student on a school bus. I’m not going to defend their actions as some relic of racial repression. At some point personal responsibility comes in, and attacking another person just isn’t kosher. But to claim this as a result of having a black President isn’t talking frankly about race; it is stoking racial antagonism in the worst way possible.


One Response to “Wading In”

  1. Bearss said

    agreed upon by me.

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