Oh, I love the internet

September 23, 2009

I just have this image… The Economy, laying inside of a chalk outline on the sidewalk, riddled with gunshot wounds. A number of gunmen and women (banks, regulators, congress, the public, investors, housing lenders, et cetera), standing in a rough semicircle around the body, each with a firearm. Wisps of smoke drift lazily from each muzzle. All of them wear an expression of “Who, me?” Kneeling over the body is a concerned-looking policeman. A rumpled-looking detective stands at the officer’s shoulder, scribbling in his notebook. “So far,” he’s saying to into his cell phone, “we’re unable to find the smoking gun.”

(Every once in a while the internet coughs something like that out. And I rejoice.)


One Response to “Oh, I love the internet”

  1. Mom said

    I like that!

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