On Film

September 24, 2009

I hesitate to call the two movies I’m going to talk about “hipster movies,” because apart from some of the sometimes grating quirkiness and impeccable soundtracks, they lack a component of the whole hipster sub-genre that (I think) makes that tag hold together and stick: irony.

500 Days of Summer and Away We Go are refreshingly guileless. They don’t wink at their viewer; they aren’t self-conscious; they aren’t snarky. What they are is earnest– almost to a fault– in putting to screen what it feels like to be a young adult right now. They are truly stylish movies, well put together. But I can name many movies that are competently constructed and pleasing to look at that don’t end up sticking with me after I leave the theater.

Maybe my reaction to the movies says more about me than anything, though. 500 Days of Summer perfectly encapsulated (for me, at least) what it feels like to fall for a woman who probably isn’t good for you to be around. Away We Go almost eerily reflected my neuroses about and reinforced my ambivalence towards marriage, adult relationships, and starting a family.


4 Responses to “On Film”

  1. Evan said

    I would have to agree, Chris, at least as far as 500 Days of Summer is concerned. I haven’t seen Away we Go yet, but it doest intrigue me a bit. The thing that I like about the movie, beyond the soundtrack and non-linear approach, was the fact that it didn’t seem to be the traditional candy-coated approach to relationships that I’ve seen from many a “romantic comedy.” Unfortunately, by that same token, I thought that the ending of the movie wrapped itself up a little too easily. The inclusion of the new love interest “Autumn,” I felt was just a tad to predictable an ending. Perhaps they could have gone with a less predictable, dare I say, “darker” ending?

    All in all, a very solid film, but I thought it could’ve been better. But then again, perhaps my expectations were to lofty.

  2. Katie said

    I have to say I agree with Evan on 500 Days, particularly about the ending. I thought that was just a little too…cheesy, and even kind of disappointing. However, I still was pleased overall with the direction of the film.

    Have yet to see Away We Go, but I’m looking forward to doing so.

  3. Bearss said

    WELL! now I don’t have to see the movie. SPOILER ALERT! thanks dudes! anyways. Want to see both, and take your opinion (chris) into account with great love.

  4. Mom said

    It’s time to get over your neuroses! Just follow your heart for once.

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