Words You Don’t Want To Hear…

October 6, 2009

“Well, we’ll give you this Co-Codamol, and if that doesn’t take care of your headache you need to come right back.”


“We could be looking at something like swine flu or meningitis.”

Thankfully the Co-Codamol took care of the headache.

After a completely sleepless night Sunday into Monday due to the worst headache I have ever had, I went to the school physician. Not really sure what is wrong with me, but I feel a little bit better two days on. I slept most of yesterday and today. I think it is reasonable to say that I don’t have swine flu or meningitis.

All things considered, my first encounter with completely socialized medical care was fairly pleasant.

I ran across this today. Maybe you’ll be interested:
On Michael Moore’s Newest Movie

On a somewhat related note, as my brain disappeared in a fog of head pain Sunday afternoon, I had a dispute with another American who took exception to my pronouncement that “If this is the Congress we elect, we deserve what we get.”

“But Chris, Americans work all the time and have to worry about so much. They don’t have time to keep their government accountable. So many times it comes down to a choice of the lesser of two evils. People don’t have time to go to town halls and to write letters to their representatives.”

To which I respond: They certainly had time to go to town halls this summer.

As much time as Americans spend on the internet watching YouTube videos, they should be able to click through to a candidate’s website and read his or her campaign platform.

“But Chris, I have relatives in the midwest, they tell me all the time how hard things are for them!” (She has lived her entire life in the Beltway, and I suspect her view of the rest of the States, particularly those pesky red middle bits, is informed by the idea of “flyover country” and “those industrious midwesterners.”)

I live in the midwest!

All this does is victimize Americans and strip them of their agency. The American political system gives Americans the ability to choose who governs them. It is obvious to me that our ability to choose has been compromised by special interest groups and multinational corporations, but ultimate responsibility for the form of our government is down to the electorate of the United States. Or did Wal-Mart register to vote and I wasn’t looking?


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