Please Save My Dorm

October 7, 2009

I feel like everything in my life has been taken over by this news:

Earlier this week the board of directors at Northwestern College in Orange City, IA, my alma mater, voted in a near unanimous fashion to move the men of my dorm out of the building at the end of the year, stick them in suite style housing, destroy their home, and not replace it.

I think this decision is wrong on all kinds of levels, but at the very least it is incredibly shortsighted of the board. For one thing they will never have a better time to actually build something than now. Labor costs will be down, as will raw materials. The cost savings in moving on a new dorm now rather than in ten years are amazing. If the school gets rid of Heemstra it will be reducing its capacity to take on students for the forseeable future. At least 90 places at the school for men will be lost until the college finds a way to bring capacity back up again. The only way to do that? Build a new dorm.

The replacement proposal Heemstra was given two years ago targeted a 100 person dorm. The school won’t be getting that now. At roughly 30,000 a year to go to NWC, the school will now be missing out on roughly 3,000,000 dollars a year until capacity is restored. That’s with the PROJECTED dorm. With the existing infrastructure the school will be down 2.7 million dollars a year. That’s not a small chunk of change. There is absolutely no way they can maintain current levels of staff employment if student enrollment doesn’t remain consistent, and what they are doing now guarantees that enrollment will fall.

This is huge for the guys in my dorm. It is the best community I have ever been a part of, and the only thing that has influenced the course of my life more is my parents. Not only will the men living in the dorm now and (conceivably) in the future be missing out on the wonderful gift that is Heemstra, but so will the rest of campus. Forever. It just isn’t acceptable. There’d be no Gourd Week, Harvest Bash, Spring Fest, h* Radio, Stealth Run, Heckling, No Shave November, No Business Cheetahs in AirBand. Campus looses all of this forever if it fails to replace the dorm. The building that the guys helped design two years helps ensure that things like this can still go on in the community and on campus, a suite style living arrangement just encourages people to live on on their own. Northwestern already has buildings for that, why make more?

I understand that my blog doesn’t get a ton of traffic, but if people who read this can do something, please do. Contact the board, tell them they’re making a mistake.


One Response to “Please Save My Dorm”

  1. Trixy said

    Corndog, I love you. Thank you for being so passionate about this.

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