News and Such

October 16, 2009

Not much to report this week, honestly.

I stayed up very late to watch the United States’ final World Cup Qualifier on my computer. The game finished at 3:20 AM here time, but it was totally worth it. For those who don’t follow soccer, one of the starting forwards for the United States, Charlie Davies, was involved in a deadly car crash Monday night. Davies wasn’t driving, and he and the driver lived through the crash, but another passenger was killed. Davies sustained serious injuries: a broken tibia, femur, elbow, and facial fractures, plus a lacerated bladder. That last injury tells us Davies was wearing his seatbelt, which probably kept him alive, but the honest truth is that he may never play again. A huge blow to the team coming into a game that could see them finish top of their qualifying group.

During the ninth minute of the game, in honor of Davies’ number when playing for the US, fans at the game in DC held up signs with “9” on them and chanted Davies’ name. The US came out playing hard, but mental mistakes and some great play from Costa Rican forward Bryan Ruiz meant that they went into half time looking at a 2-0 deficit. That wasn’t enough to keep the team down, and they clawed back to get the tie, with the equalizing goal coming on what was essentially the last play of the game, a great header by Jonathan Bornstein off a corner kick. Truth be told, the US deserved more goals than 2, but wasteful finishing made the game closer than it should have been. Pretty awesome. Pretty intense.

As far as the rest of my life is concerned? Meh. School work right now. LOTS of reading. My goodness, reading all the time. Some of the people from my cohort and I are looking into getting an apartment of our own and moving our of campus housing, as it will be a lot cheaper and we’ll be closer to campus. We’ll see once we get things worked out, but the whole thing should be pretty doable. And it’ll be nice to actually be living with people again, rather than sharing a hall and kitchen.


2 Responses to “News and Such”

  1. Katie said

    Kind of ironic that, in order to live closer to campus, you have to move OFF campus, haha.

    • christophermahlon said

      Yeah, little bit bass-ackwards. The spot we’re eyeing is about five minutes from our class buildings, whereas currently we’re about a fifteen minute walk away. Plus this’ll put us a lot closer to our library. And cheaper. Like… I’ll spend as much a month on rent in the new place as I spend in a month at Elms.

      By the way, you should subscribe to NPR’s Foreign Dispatch podcast. This week’s has a segment on Russia.

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