October 19, 2009

I have in the past fielded inquiries from people regarding my podcast listening habits. I figured I’d just put those up and say that I heartily recommend all of these.

From American Public Media:
Marketplace: Every weekday an update on what the markets are doing plus financial news and analysis. Sounds boring. Isn’t.

From The Guardian:
Football Weekly: A decidedly Euro-centric soccer podcast, which annoys me somewhat as I like to hear about the leagues in the Americas and Asia, however I have yet to find a decent podcast touching those subjects. Still, this is amusing and insightful

From KCRW:
Good Food: Is what it says, a podcast about good food. Makes my mouth water and my stomach growl every time I listen.
Left, Right, and Center: Weekly breakdown of the week’s political and cultural events using a three person panel representing all sides of the political spectrum.
The Politics of Culture: Weekly show on an easily overlooked element in culture that has deeper meaning than the surface would suggest.
To the Point: Summation of the day’s events. Really quite fantastic. Plus the soundtrack is Coltrane and Miles. Can’t beat that.

Mars Hill Bible Church: Because I like listening to Rob Bell preach.

From the New Yorker:
Comment: The magazine’s weekly Comment section read aloud.
Out Loud: Summation of the magazine’s contents plus interviews.
The Political Scene: Fairly self-explanatory.

From NPR:
All Songs Considered: An indispensable outlet of really good music.
Books: Weekly review of literature.
Environment: The week’s stories on the environment all gathered together.
Food: What? I like food.
Foreign Dispatch: Collection of the week’s best stories sent in from abroad.
Intelligence Squared: Oxford style debating about current events. Sometimes maddening, always fascinating.
It’s All Politics: Two cheeky guys talking politics and being sarcastic. I like.
Live Concerts: The All Songs Considered crew goes to concerts and records them for you. Awesome.
Music: The week’s music stories
Planet Money: A team of really funny reporters tracks down the hidden stuff that makes the economy work. Like Marketplace, makes learning about the economy really interesting.
Pop Culture: I won’t even call this a guilty pleasure.
Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!: Quiz style current events show. You may not laugh harder all week.
On The Media: Examines the role the media plays in our lives.

From PRI:
America Abroad: A lot like foreign dispatch, except monthly and focusing on one subject. Very very well researched.
This American Life: Ira Glass and Co. make an addictive weekly show about what it means to live in the United States.

From Slate:
Daily Podcast: Ranging from the Culture Gabfest (movie, tv, music, and pop culture) to the Political Gabfest (um… yep) to the Big Money (markets again, can you tell I’m fascinated by the economy?) to Hang Up and Listen (sports) to Double X (all women, great perspective changer) to articles published on the website read aloud.
Spoiler Specials: Dana Stevens and another colleague review a movie.
Audio Book Club: Three or four people talk about a book they all read together. Not as boring as it sounds. Troy Patterson is worth the price of admission.

From WNYC:
Digesting Politics: Weekly discussion of politics over lunch. Usually just about New York/New Jersey politics, but sometimes it broadens into national issues. Always interesting.
New Sounds: Weird music. Really fun to listen to.
Radiolab: Maybe my favorite radio program. It’s about science, but Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich are just excellent at making these really complicated ideas seem digestible. I really really love this show. A lot.

Side note: these are all free, so you’ll be getting really interesting stuff on your computer without having to pay for any of it.


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