October 20, 2009

Been a while (I think) since I’ve linked to anything. With that in mind, here are some things I found interesting today.
Iconic Photos (Blog)

Letters of Note (Blog)

Blood of Autistic Kids Not Higher in Mercury. Jenny McCarthy Will Disagree

Shared This On Facebook Too. Via Pete Rollins: Amazing Sand Art.

Interesting. Using Coal For Power is Bad for People, Too

This is Just Depressing. No Leadership in Africa Award Given Out This Year

And This is Really Funny. Mick Jagger Writes to Andy Warhol

Great News For Me. Makes Me Like Brooks Brothers Even More

Warning! Graphs Ahead. Krugman Breaks Down Interest Rate Policy

Krugman (And Friends) On Cap and Trade

Catholic Church Will Make Celibacy Exception for Disgruntled Anglican Priests, But Not Catholics. Anyone Else Amused?

Also From Sullivan. Read: Sarcasm

Context for the above: A White House aide used a Mao quote and expressed affinity with the sentiment. Apparently that is not allowed. Really what this does is play into the Communist Fascists! (Anyone else catching the necessary contradiction here?) meme going around in the less sane conservative circles. I’m getting more exasperated of it, honestly. When am I allowed to just say, “You’re crazy; leave me alone”?

Tomorrow, perhaps, I hope to get a post up about lecture on Monday. It was about rational choice theory, and dull as that sounds, class was fascinating.


One Response to “Links”

  1. Katie said

    Kind of a funny coincidence, but I recently read that Jager/Warhol letter on a Russian current events blog…haha:

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