Oh Sentiment

November 1, 2009

Photo on 2009-11-01 at 16.29

I was sitting in my room trying not to do anything a little bit ago– because I really don’t want to start my reading for Methods– so I decided to go through my bag and see what I had managed to accumulate in there.

I give off this vibe of being a person who’s unsentimental; I’m pretty proud of the fact that I can fit just about everything I own (except my plants) into my not very large car. My bag is proof that I’m a big fat liar. That thing is never very far from me– I have an unnatural connection with it, too. And in that bag, I stick things that I don’t want to give up or forget.

Ticket stubs from seeing The Nutcracker Ballet in the theater it was premiered in, from a Russian soccer game, letters from friends, three years of Valentines from my friend Emily, my Moscow Metro card, my encouragement envelope from everyone in Russia, our Russian flag from this summer’s RSP reunion, I’ve got my first college student ID card, and I’m sure my Queen’s ID will go in there, too. When I was 17 I told the Iowa DOT that I’d lost my driver’s license in order to get a new one, because I didn’t want to give up my first driver’s license. Guess where it is now? My friend Rachel made me a friendship bracelet that I used to wear around my ankle, but after it frayed and broke several times, it no longer fits. So it stays in my bag because I don’t want to get rid of it. I’ve got a note my RD wrote to me in there that I pull out and read occasionally, and all the “Eternity is…” notebooks from first semester last year.

As I was going through them just now I got a little choked up. So thank you, to all the people who are represented by the things I’ve kept. You’re wonderful.


One Response to “Oh Sentiment”

  1. Jessie said

    this made me a little bit sad in the good way.

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