Why, Hello Life

November 16, 2009

Thus ends The Most Boring Week in History.

I’m trying to figure out how sad it is that I didn’t leave my room except to eat and clean myself Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday last week. Thursday I finally got sick of looking at my walls and spent my day in Common Grounds finishing up my reading. And then I took to the rest of the day off.

See, I have a process when I’m writing a paper. I collect all my notes, bookmark the pages, underline where necessary, write down disparate ideas hoping that they’ll turn into a thesis, and then, after about five days of aggregating, I write. I just sit down and finish the damn thing. So I think I can be forgiven if after digesting about 400 pages of academic literature on multiculturalism I decided to take Thursday night off instead of writing.

Then came Friday, and I feared I had lost my window of opportunity. I had a thesis in front of me, screaming off my notes, and I could not bring myself to start. Paragraphs started and erased themselves, and then, at about 9 o’clock in the PM, I started. I was about 700 words in when I realized that the LA-Houston MLS Playoff game was on.

Guess what I did then?

Yeah… I watched. Ordinarily, that wouldn’t have been all that bad. A soccer game is about two hours long, half-time included, and I thought I could spare that. It would clear my head, right? The game took almost four hours. California has this power generating problem, maybe you’re heard of it? Well, the lights went off in the stadium. Twice. Forty minutes lost to darkness while the electrical stations figured out what they’d done wrong, and then– joy of joys!– overtime. That’s right, neither team scored in regulation, so they played thirty minutes of overtime. Great game, but I spent far too long watching it.

I realized this after it was done and I looked at the clock on my computer. Sick. So I doubled down and got on with it. And at about 9:30 in the AM, the previous post was finished. I added about two hundred words to it today before I turned it in, but there it is: first grad school assignment done.

The weekend consisted of me trying to forget what I’d been doing the previous week, so Saturday I watched Ireland and France play a World Cup Qualifier in a bar full of Irish fans. I learned a lot of interesting things to say at people I dislike. I also watched the Chicago Fire go down in a penalty kick shootout in the other MLS Playoff game this week. (Yes, both games went to overtime.) So that’s Real Salt Lake and LA in the final. Always next year, I guess. Oh yes, and it was Çem’s birthday over the weekend, so we all sat down and had a meal together for that.

I should mention that Thursday I went to a public meeting at EBM, which I mentioned in the paper. I’m going to get a most substantive post on that up fairly soon here. It was tense. Really, unbelievably tense. I don’t usually get uncomfortable, but that did it to me.

Tonight after class I’m going to grab a few drinks with my classmates to celebrate finishing our first paper, and then I’m going to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which my brother Jacob bought me. No doubt Dostoevsky will be read at some point tonight, too. For now, a nap before class.


One Response to “Why, Hello Life”

  1. Jessie said

    nap. good.

    even after giving in to distracting games, you deserve a rest.

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