East Belfast

November 17, 2009

I spent the day at East Belfast Mission today, and it was wonderful. I’d been reading US political news and was getting really down on humanity; being around a bunch of people who want to make their community better and don’t bring politics into it was the perfect antidote. Myself and two other volunteers walked around the community handing flyers out for an event held to commemorate the Mission before it gets torn down to make way for Skainos. People who attend Newtonards Methodist Church have been having something of a long goodbye during services on Sundays, giving the congregation time to say goodbye to a building that holds a lot of memories for folks. Monumental things have happened in the walls of that building.

Many people living near the Newtonards Road don’t attend the church, though, and a few had heard the building was going to be torn down and wanted to make sure the whole community got a chance to say goodbye on their own terms with the structure. After all, even if the folks don’t go to the church, the Mission is involved in most people’s lives in some way or another. So we walked around letting people know what was going on and chatting them up for the morning; it was wonderful. In the afternoon I went with a couple of other people to a local school and laid the groundwork for an after school soccer program, which will hopefully give the kids in the school something to do other than sit at home watching television after class is out.

Afterwards I met with the Community Outreach director, Sarah, and discussed some things that I could get involved in as the year progresses. I am le psyched; I should be able to do some really interesting stuff at EBM in the coming months. And that will make me feel better about people.

Seriously Americans. Just stop that crap; it’s annoying. So poisonous.


2 Responses to “East Belfast”

  1. Mom said

    Hey, it’s not all crap in America. There are lots of places here that do the same things that you are doing at EBM. Take CFUM (Children and Families Urban Ministries) in Des Moines. People from all different kinds of places come together to support the children from this poorest area of Des Moines. You can go there and volunteer and good things happen there. I love to take my NHS kids there, and they love to go there. They always come out of there in a better mood than the one in which they arrived. Just remember, the press, no matter where it is, mainly concentrates on the bad stuff. There’s good stuff all over the world. Sometimes you have to look to find it, but it’s there.

  2. Mom said

    But, I’m glad you are having such a great experience there at EBM. Isn’t it fun to help other people? Guess that’s why you are doing what you are … maybe that’s a good confirmation that you really are learning something that is worthwhile?

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