Captain Obvious Award

December 31, 2009

It is true that we can barely recognize anything of ourselves in the Crusaders. They were coarse and unwashed. Most of them were illiterate. Of the physical world, they were ignorant beyond our imagining, believing the earth to be flat and the sky a crystal dome. Such medicine as they had was far more likely to kill than to heal — Richard Lionheart and Amalric, sixth king of Jerusalem, were both killed by the ministrations of their surgeons. Their honor was often truculent, their loyalty sometimes fickle, their piety was barnacled with the grossest kinds of superstition.

That’s from a National Review article that sort of (?) condones the Crusades, which, being pacifist, I’m predictably gritting my teeth at, but even beyond that…

This sort of bemused, enlightened chuckling at “those backwards middle age folks” always grates on me. Of course they saw the world in a different way than we do. They also didn’t have the Large Hadron Collider. Are you going to hold that against them, too? I mean, holy cow, folks from back then pulled off feats of engineering that STILL make our best architects say, “Wait a second… how did they move those rocks?”

Plus… the article defends the Crusades! *facepalm


3 Responses to “Captain Obvious Award”

  1. Jessie said

    personal low.

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