February 7, 2010

From Ikon:

When we pause and give our-selves some time to think and reflect we can begin to sense the impact of the word upon our lives. When we listen a little more closely we can begin to hear the cadence of our personal lexicon– the alphabet of our lives that hums quietly in our depths arranging and rearranging our experiences into familiar shape and form. A is for Absolute, B is for Boundaries, C is for Comfort.

And H is for Hunger… the hunger inside that binds the world with our words, that translates each new experience into the same meal. We are creatures of habit. We know what we want.


Some of us come this evening
brimming over with an excess of words.

So full, that there is no space for the new.

Rupture our talk, our tired, tired talk.

Breathe negation into our sterile alphabets

Where there is too much some-thing may there be a no-thing
which brings us back to ourselves and the appetite for life
which is beyond all words


Some of us come with no words just heavy hearts and minds
worn down by anxiety. Suffering with jumbled letters and
the spaces in between. Too much space in between.

Give us a word.

A single word can hold the whole world together.
Hold our world together.

Where there is too much nothing weighing like lead upon our
hearts may there be the kindness of words that bind our
dangerous empty places into shape.

Words that transform the monsters of appetite
and need in a poetry of peace.


We have no words or too many words

We are spoken and speaking

We hope for an alphabet of grace


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